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Extreme Events: Nonlinear Dynamics and Time Series Analysis

The school will be held in the agro-touristic complex of Comorova, lodging and classes will be on the premises.

Transport to and from the railway station of Costanṭa will be provided by minibusses. One bus trip will run from Otopeni airport in Bucharest to Comorova on the afternoon of Setpember 2nd.

See details on the location here, and detailed travel information here.


The agro-touristic complex of Comorova is situated
near the seaside resort of Neptun/Olimp, on the  Black Sea coast of Rumania 38 km South of Constanta (see map). The complex is in the oak-tree forest of Comorova and used to be an exclusive resort for the elite of the Ceasescu regime. A hunting villa that belonged to the ex-president Nicolae Ceausescu is included in the resort, and it is now converted to a restaurant.

Lodging is provided in 2 bedrooms villas including living room and bathroom. Restaurants and Bars, as well as sport facilities, tennis courts and swimming pools, are available. Clik on the pictures below to have an idea of the atmosphere.

Travel information
Travel to Bucharest and Constanta

By plane to Bucharest 
The international airport closest to Constanta is Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport, in Bucharest. It offers daily connections with every major city of Europe and with New York (JFK). During the summer season connections are usually added. Bucharest if 200 km from Constanta, that can be reached within 2h40 by express trains.
Special bus from Bucharest to Comorova on Sept.2nd
For those who arrive at Bucharest airport on Sunday
2nd September, a bus will be booked to take them directly to the Comorova complex. The time schedule will be defined at a later time, in order to meet the time of arrivals of all the participants.

Bucharest: from airport to railway station
Constanta can be conveniently reached by train. The railway station (Bucuresti Nord) and the bus station are located next to each other, downtown Bucharest . There are two ways to get there from the airport:
  • Using local transportation. First take the bus, either Express or Metrorex: EXPRES 783 (the station is in front of the arrivals building) to Piata Victoriei. Then take the underground from Piata Victoriei to Bucuresti Nord railway station (Gara de Nord, first stop). See  maps here and here
  • By cab. Drive only with Fly Taxi, the official airport taxi carrier.
    Fly Taxi phone numbers: 0788-512.462; 0788-512.463 (mobile); 0788-512.464 (mobile); 9440 (ROMTELECOM). The duration is between 30 and 50 minutes (depending on traffic).
By train from Bucharest to Constanta
Train schedules can be checked, e.g. from the Romanian Railway Company C.F.R (note: Bucharest should be typed in Romanian: Bucuresti) or from the DBahn


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