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Diabatic processes during the North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream impact EXperiment

DIP-NAWDEX is an ANR-funded project gathering French partners working on the international project NAWDEX. NAWDEX aims at better understanding the effect of diabatic processes (cloud microphysics, radiation, turbulence) on the evolution of atmospheric disturbances along the North Atlantic jet stream. The underlying hypothesis of NAWDEX is that diabatic processes over North America and the North Atlantic have a major influence on jet stream structure, the downstream development of Rossby waves on the tropopause, and high-impact weather events over Europe. During one month, between mid-September and mid-October 2016, the NAWDEX partners organized an observational field campaign during which four aircraft from three distinct countries have been operated in the Northeast Atlantic: the German High Altitude and LOng Range Research Aircraft (HALO), the Deutsches Zentrum fr Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) Dassault Falcon 20, the French Service des Avions Francais Instrumentions pour la Recherche en Environnement (SAFIRE) Falcon 20, and the British Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) BAe 146. Fine-scale observations of atmospheric disturbances extending over a large domain have been obtained with state-of-the-art airborne and ground-based instrumentation like the most recently developed lidars and cloud radars.